The Eye of the Needle

This morning at Mass I received a vision. It was me being squished through a needle’s eye. I laughed. (Yes, I know Jesus meant the narrow opening that the flocks all entered through; it wasn’t really a needle. The meaning is still the same though, and it’s funnier to think of being stuffed through an actual sewing needle’s eye.)

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“You knew the difference.”

Once, after hearing the scripture about God placing watchmen on Jerusalem’s walls for protection, I asked God why He didn’t protect me internally, my walls so to speak. By this, I meant, why He didn’t keep me safe from the harassment and resulting implosion that resulted in a negative inner voice that I fought continually and the loss of material things really, even though they represented the realization of my childhood dream of having a safe home, stability, love in the household for one another… Continue reading

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A Prayer for Today

Two days ago while praying with my aunt over the phone, this prayer emerged from the two of us:

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Change the Channel

“For the weapons of our warfare are not merely human but they have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to obey Christ.” –1 Corinthians 10:4-5, NRSV) Continue reading

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Love Your GIFTS and Encourage Others

Found alEnvyong my journey today…Well, Sts. Gregory and Thomas Aquinas have one answer to the question so many of us keep asking lately. Why has hatred drastically increased around us? Envy. Hatred is the result of envy. If we’d all stop keeping up with the Joneses… (Also learned that spiritual envy is a sin against the Holy Spirit.) Be thankful for, love, and develop YOUR beautiful gifts from God, and encourage others to do the same!

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Running ahead of the storm…

I’ve been trying to pray the Holy Spirit Chaplet¹ often lately. And I know I shouldn’t be surprised when God responds or answers prayers by now, but I always am. It’s really His responses that encourage me to continue seeking Him.

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Time for a Fresh Start

Perhaps getting rid of internal clutter while clearing away the holiday decorations is a good idea. Time to take out the trash, so to speak. By this I mean get rid of bad feelings, negativity, in other words, all the remaining residue of the times you had to “Shake It Off” this year. Here are a few thoughts on how best to move forward to accomplish your goals with an open heart.

1. Let your light shine

Remembrance of past hurts and stress often resurface during holidays, especially New Year, because the holiday itself begs for newness. You can’t begin anew if you are harboring old hurts. Let go. Consciously release the feelings and open your heart to receive good things. Be yourself and let others love you, or not, just as you are.

Prayer: Jesus, please help me fully forgive any past hurts that take away my ability to love self and neighbor as You would have me do. Abba, please help me begin anew as the child you created me to be, loving and open to receive your abundant life.

2. Don’t let hurt take Truth

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this or not, but, the events we face every day can take away our peace–and our closeness to Jesus. That must be why Satan attacks hardest when we are becoming closer to our true identity as His children. Ask for forgiveness and make a firm resolution to not allow a moment of hurt or stress (for any reason) take away the Lord’s peace.

Prayer: Abba, may your peace remain with me and my family and those who treat us with love and respect in truth. In moments of stress please be close by our sides to see us through the moment without losing Your peace within our hearts, minds and souls.

3. Live with integrity

Prayer: Jesus please help me live with personal accountability for my actions towards others. Let me be a voice of love, faith and hope. Please help me not to purposefully harm another with words or deeds and protect me and my family from those who would harm us. Amen.

Folks live the Truth you espouse and, please, don’t take that ability from another. Be accountable for your actions and words. I lit a candle today, the first of many this year, for just that. Justice.


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