A Little Chalk Art

bradswallThe sun and moon just sort of came to me tonight in separate pieces as I was goofing off on my son’s chalkboard wall. (I did add the Blessed Mother on purpose. I intentionally add or alter lyrics of my son’s favorite songs to include our faith in some way.) When it was done,  I saw a picture of Revelation 12:1. The woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars.

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Presidents, Betrayals, and Priorities

This past week or so the events and news surrounding the American presidential campaign has struck a chord with voters. Friends on Facebook have begun to “come out” with their personal stories of groping (usually high school boys or worse, rape, or betrayals of different types-divorce, lies and the like.) Many, unfortunately, possess these experiences. If a person lives long enough, they get hurt, and their belief in an ideal world is torn. I heard last night that 31 percent of voters in this election are single women. I can say this, my friends (mostly women in their 40s) are falling apart over this. Friendships are split; old hurts are emerging, etc.

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Not Just a Dream

I had a vivid and silent dream one night. Completely silent. It was an image only, peaceful. It was more than a dream; it was an experience. A very real experience that carried over into wakefulness. In the dream, I was sitting on the ground beside an albino wearing white looking ahead at a large white house. His hair was a white afro.  Continue reading

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Is It Jesus or Just Another Homeless Man?

Just like every other morning, I stopped by McDonalds for a large coffee–fresh–with five creams. This morning, the coffee was perfectly prepared and, just like every other morning, I drove to work talking (praying really) to Jesus. I climbed out of my old maroon Jeep and walked through the parking garage and onto the street. Downtown is a mix of tall, sleek buildings, churches, an old library, and on this particular busy corner, a church and school–my employer.

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Angels Are Listening

angelsSo, I went to a Level III Christian Healing Ministries prayer minister training session on Monday, August 8, at All Saints Healing Ministry in Winter Park, FL. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I’ve been viewing Levels I and II at home to catch up. The training is terrific, and it has had a remarkable effect on both myself and my family. But the training isn’t the purpose of my writing tonight.

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St. Augustine Prayer to Seek God Continually

I found this today while browsing the shelves of a bookstore that sells previously-owned books and movies. It’s absolutely perfect!

Who knew?

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A Shoot Shall Sprout from the Stump of Jesse

At my church, each Christmas we have a Jesse tree. Written on each ornament, is the stump_jesse21
name and wish of a person needing a gift. Parishioners take an ornament and return it with the requested gift.

I’ve always wondered about this name, Jesse Tree. I’ve read the “A shoot shall sprout from the stump…” scripture in Isaiah 11 and I understand the connection to Jesus but to me a stump is just a dead tree. Perhaps that tree’s seeds from prior seasons will grow but that specific tree is gone. Or so I thought. Continue reading

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