At the corner: spiritual awareness

CornerOver the Christmas holiday my mom and I went out to a local antique mall, The Sleepy Poet. Nostalgia is not my thing. Old books, though, have always interested me. I love looking at the publication dates and finding to whom they once belonged. It’s a lesson in humility, really. Life is short and everything is vanity. We are here for one purpose: to make our way back to God. To do that we have to “see” Him in our lives.

At The Sleepy Poet I found a bookshelf and randomly pulled a book from the shelf. Opened the book to a random page and started reading about my Catholic faith. Random?

Yesterday I went for a walk in my neighborhood before meeting a friend for coffee at Panera. I “saw” Jesus again. The old way. I started jogging and he was about 10 feet ahead telling me to keep moving. Then, the tree above me dropped a load of leaves on me. Not any other tree, just that one. That is how I first “saw” God and it still happens today.

In the beginning of my conversion journey with the Blessed Mother and Jesus, I changed the lyrics of long loved secular songs to scripture. One of those songs was The Boys of Fall and the meaning is deeply connected to Christ and layered in my life. The most important element of that song’s lyrics is that Jesus is THE Boy of Fall. Whenever leaves fall I think of Him. Over time I began to notice that leaves fall on me, on my car, from the tree overhead and not fall from the surrounding trees. In these moments, I know God to be present in Spirit (I am internally aware of Him) and I “see” Him in my surroundings. Sometimes a quick image of Jesus comes to mind with a message.

My first trip with my mom (in my early 20s) to an antique store brought my first previously owned classic, a Thomas Wolfe original publication I believe. His books and name followed me to Florida then back to his home in NC while on vacation. On subsequent trips I’ve bought other collections, always classics, not always American  writers, and I haven’t read all of them. But writing is a theme that has followed me since my childhood, my call, if you will.

This morning I was blessed to go on a walk with my husband in our neighborhood. We moved recently and are still discovering what is around us. I found the street sign above at a corner and thought of Nathaniel Hawthorne. The point is this: I love to write. I find links and connections to my call everywhere around me. I always have. Opportunities opened beginning in my 20s and 30s that just seemed to happen.

Your path, your walk with God is the same. The call God has placed in your life is all around you, He’s waiting at the Corner. Look for the Lord today, you are loved.

by Michelle Williamson 2014

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