Living Life in Christ

Originally posted December 2014

About a month ago, my family moved from our home of eight years to a new community in the same town. We are still learning the area, and we are still unpacking and creating new routines.

Soon after our new house was found by my husband Michael, he said to me, “Now you don’t have any reason not to go to King of Kings on Thursdays.” King of Kings is a prayer group at a local parish. When I truly needed a prayer hand, they were there for my family and me. Often I’ve told others that the King of Kings people belong on the cover of Fortune. It’s just that the world doesn’t understand the wealth of Love they share. (The wealth of the holy Spirit.) It’s another paradox of the Gospel. What is wealth?

Since moving, I have attended prayer group every week, and God is always there with a message. Though now He’s everywhere. I think I’ve learned to listen a little better over the years.

Today I went to Mass at another parish near me, one of my favorite past times is driving over to our local retreat center with Bradley, my 10-year-old son. Now, both churches are within 5 minutes of my home. At San Pedro is a small chapel and a labyrinth (remake of Chartes France) and an outdoor stations walk that ends at a large lake surrounded by lush greenery and old trees sprinkled with Spanish Moss.

Today at San Pedro Mass included a prayer request for Caritas International to end world hunger and a discussion of how we all need to be delivered from something and God is concerned with our comfort. Not long ago a priest from my parish said that God sometimes delivers us from something (sickness or other situation), but He is most concerned about delivering us to something, His kingdom.

These homilies combined with my requests to God lately have affirmed God’s call in my life as a writer and catechist. Mass began with the liturgy of the Word and today’s Gospel is Matthew 18: 12-14.

So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.

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