Yes, LORD, I Believe: Healing Mass with Father MacPherson

I received physical healing last night. A visiting Augustinian Priest, Fr. Albert MacPherson, presided over Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church. Earlier this week, my husband received an invitation to the Mass and weekly charismatic prayer service, “…must go…and you tell your wife I said…” after daily Mass from one of the group’s founding members.

The church’s small chapel was packed. Numerous people arrived for healing of body, mind, and spirit. After Eucharist and Mass, each person received a blessing with oil and healing prayer. It was beautiful. During his homily, Fr. MacPherson discussed the writings of St. Leo XIII. So many people think physical healing is a thing of the past as if healing is something that died out with the original Apostles. He shared how 100 years ago St. Leo XIII explained that those gifts are alive and well today, just as they were in the early Church.

I was a skeptic once. Over the years, though, I’ve experienced God’s healing love, and now I feel and know His presence.

At the end of Mass, I stood beside Bradley, my son. My husband Michael stood on the other side of him to receive healing prayer and a blessing. Father arrived in front of me, pulled me forward, and prayed. As he made the sign of the cross on my forehead with oil it felt like God, the holy Spirit, walked behind me and pushed my knees inward—an old childhood trick. I lost balance and was laid down gently on the floor.

Receiving the holy Spirit is a peaceful experience. I felt a thump on my left ovary and a pain in my left breast. I’ve long known that I have a cyst on my ovary and, in the past, I was concerned about a pain in my left breast. However, nothing was found in previous tests.

God is all around us. He is with us everywhere and always. He meets us where we each are individually. I pray that you will know and feel His loving presence with you and that you continue to seek His face and strive to grow in holiness.


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