Sometimes Opportunity Does Knock Twice

I spend a lot of time worrying whether or not I am in God’s will for my life. Doing God’s will is important to me. Over time I found that asking God for something requires action on our part. Many times I’ve asked the Lord for help, seen an opportunity, and let the chance slip by while I spent too much time thinking about whether or not it was the right thing to do at the time.

The First Knock

More than a year ago, I was sitting at the ball field getting to know other baseball moms when one mom, in particular, explained that she had hopes of quitting her HR job to blog full time. For a while, I asked God about this. I’ve been a freelance writer for a long time through I write personal experiences or for magazines and clients who need a writer on a project or contract basis.

The Second Knock

Again, in early June, I met another person, Lisa, that looks exactly like the baseball mom from the past. Same professional background–HR–same build, same hair color… I met Lisa at a church in my diocese while we were prepping for VBS. (My husband built the VBS sets last year and we have a lot of creative types to help us prepare. We share our sets with other parishes using the same VBS theme and vice versa. This summer, St. Thomas Aquinas, Lisa’s parish, is sharing sets with us at Good Shepherd. Lisa is a successful blogger, and she gave me many tips on blogging and getting noticed.

Through her, I understood the action behind the blogging that provides income.

Jesus Stands and Knocks

Now, on the surface, this looks like an easy choice. I found Jesus in Lisa and her husband Jamie last Thursday at St. Thomas Aquinas church. Their presence there, the connection to a past event in my life and conversation with Jesus, their willingness to share knowledge and provide an opportunity for me to learn helped me see Jesus in my circumstance.

I love Jesus and searching out His presence is my goal each day. When I focus on writing or blogging my focus leaves Jesus and looks for the details. I can’t do both. Once, I commented that I couldn’t effectively parent while continually praying, and that is true. But that statement only shows a lack of faith I realize that now. God was in control, and He still is, I have to trust to grow, and I must focus on loving Him first, best, and most. When I do that, there’s not time to worry about the world.

Here’s the truth, He gave me a second chance. It’s the chance to choose.

Focus on Jesus.

May God bless and protect us.

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