It Is a Name of Wonder

This morning started with a pretty cool experience. The Bible I left open on my sofa awaited. I took a second look at the story of the news of Samson’s birth in my New Jerusalem edition. “It is a name of wonder,” the angel answered Samson’s dad when asked his name.

All I could think about at that moment was how much more wonder-full the name of Jesus Christ is.

Chaplet of Angels
Praying the chaplet of the holy angels has been an on-and-off practice for me since 2010.  St. Michael stands atop an armoire in my living room and once I learned from a Frank Sheed book that the holy angels victorious could use more love for the Trinity and knowledge, I started praying for them to have a double portion of both to keep our feet firm on the path God wants us to walk. I couldn’t think of a better prayer than help when we need it.

What Is Your Name?
After reading the Samson story again and contemplating the angel’s name “name of wonder” and Jesus’ gift of self for us, I realized I had prayed the holy angels chaplet this past weekend and as I gave thanks for their help and for my guardian angel’s presence and help, I asked my guardian angel his name.

His name was waiting for me on the sofa.

That is my answer. Jesus’ name is more wonder-full and while the angel won’t share his name, Jesus came to earth to give his life for me–and you!

This Morning’s Rosary Blessings
Out for a run with my thoughts, I turned on the scriptural Rosary podcast I pray with while running. For about a week now, I’ve been unable to focus clearly while praying the Rosary. I feel a loss when this happens because a scriptural Rosary is really walking with Christ through His life.

I could focus today, finally. It was like living in the middle of your favorite book and I received new revelations, understanding. About the time I swallowed Eucharist (Jesus) just before He was crucified, the Rosary ended.

Are you kidding me? I found the Glorious mysteries and had to start  with His Resurrection.

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life.”

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