On Being a Peacemaker

peaekaersimageI was re-reading the story of Israel and his two wives–sisters who competed to have more sons than the other–this morning. If I have this right, the sisters’ dad deceived Israel in order to marry off both daughters–Leah and Rachel–then the two wives sought to have more sons than the other.

After using mandrake root  (I guess for fertility…think Harry Potter and Herbology) and encouraging  Israel (let’s not even go there) have babies with their slaves (each wife had one slave girl) the 12 tribes of Israel is derived from four mothers. Now that would be an interesting Thanksgiving dinner! Or Passover, or Feast of Booths, or any gathering.

As a child of a blended family with much strife met over the years, I identify with this story. Now I find that it’s best to try to be a peacemaker, after all, they will be called children of God.

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