You Will Eat the Fruit of Your Mouth

Before I begin work today, I want to share with you an oberservation I had last night. I was watching Christian television and a lady was discussing sin and its consequences. When we acknowledge our sin and ask for forgiveness, the LORD forgives us.

First, Baptism is such a wonderful gift. We are cleansed. As a Catholic, I go to Reconciliation. I do this about every three months because we ALL sin and some of our sins we don’t even know…or they happen before we can stop ourselves (anger at a slow driver, hurt feelsings at home or work, etc.) I certainly don’t go around trying to sin, if you know what I mean. In fact, I try to avoid it at all costs.

So this person on the television looked into the camera and I felt that this message was directly for me and she recited from memory a verse of Scripture from Proverbs 18: “you will eat the fruit of your mouth… ” I started thinking about my words and what they mean…about being genuine and representing God’s Word and love accurately. I pray I’ve done that and that I can do just that, especially with those who have deeply hurt me and my life. May He give us the grace to represent Him accurately ONLY and speak good things to grow ourselves and His kingdom here and now.


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