St. Augustine Prayer to Seek God Continually

I found this today while browsing the shelves of a bookstore that sells previously-owned books and movies. It’s absolutely perfect!

Who knew?

Prayer to Seek God Continually

O LORD my God,

I believe in You,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…

Insofar as I can,

insofar as You have given me the power,

I have sought You.

I became weary and labored.


O Lord, my God,

my sole hope,

help me to believe

and never to cease seeking You.

Grant that I may always and ardently

seek out Your countenance.

Give me the strength to seek You,

for You help me to find You

and You have more and more given me

the hope of finding You.


Here I am before You

with my firmness and my infirmity.

Preserve the first and heal the second.


Here I am before You

with my strength and my ignorance.

Where You have opened the door to me,

welcome me at the entrance;

where You have closed the door to me,

open to my cry;

enable me to remember You,

to understand You,

and to love You.

–St. Augustine of Hippo

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