Angels Are Listening

angelsSo, I went to a Level III Christian Healing Ministries prayer minister training session on Monday, August 8, at All Saints Healing Ministry in Winter Park, FL. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I’ve been viewing Levels I and II at home to catch up. The training is terrific, and it has had a remarkable effect on both myself and my family. But the training isn’t the purpose of my writing tonight.

True to this blog, tonight I want to share the God sightings–well, angel sightings–leading to Monday’s training session. Needing a break, I went for a drive last night, on Sunday. I stopped by a local bookstore.

Once inside, I went upstairs to the business section. I’ve been ghostwriting a book lately related to business success, and I like to browse the genre’s recent titles. The clearance section caught my eye on the way, though. Seventy-five percent off…who could pass by without a look? I found a Nano Block motorcycle kit there, the original price was $45, and I knew my son would love it, so I picked it up. (It’s probably the ONLY motorcycle I’ll ever buy him.) Then, as I browsed the book titles in the clearance section, I found an interesting one, though it lacked a clearance sticker, Angels Are for Real by Judith MacNutt, a Christian Healing Ministry founder. MacNutt is a trainer on the same prayer minister training series I’ve been working through for the past couple of months. Then, I spied another sticker-less title in clearance a few books away from MacNutt’s. It was written by Teresa Tomeo and others, titled All Things Guy: A Guide to Becoming a Man that Matters. Both of these books were obviously in the wrong section and positioned near the motorcycle kit.

Immediately, I remembered a conversation my 13-year-old son and I had in the car about a week ago. As a group of motorcycles passed by us, Brad said again that he plans to buy a motorcycle, not a car, when he turns 16. I’m terrified of this and absolutely refuse to agree. So, when he said this, I turned to him, made the sign of the cross over him and said, “I pray God blesses you with a super-hero guardian angel to keep you safe.” We laughed. This kid is wonderful but impulsive sometimes.

Understanding dawned, and I knew that our angels knew I would be in that bookstore, in that spot, at that moment and wanted me to know God–and they–are listening. Still, I walked over to the Christian section to see if there were more of the same books. I couldn’t find another copy of either one. I bought the full-price book on angels by MacNutt. When I came home and gave Brad the motorcycle block set and told him what happened, he said, “St. Michael, we love you, and don’t you forget it.”




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