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Running ahead of the storm…

I’ve been trying to pray the Holy Spirit Chaplet¹ often lately. And I know I shouldn’t be surprised when God responds or answers prayers by now, but I always am. It’s really His responses that encourage me to continue seeking … Continue reading

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A Little Chalk Art

The sun and moon just sort of came to me tonight in separate pieces as I was goofing off on my son’s chalkboard wall. (I did add the Blessed Mother on purpose. I intentionally add or alter lyrics of my … Continue reading

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Presidents, Betrayals, and Priorities

This past week or so the events and news surrounding the American presidential campaign has struck a chord with voters. Friends on Facebook have begun to “come out” with their personal stories of groping (usually high school boys or worse, rape, or … Continue reading

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Just one question…

(Draft written October, 8 2016) Today’s God sighting was unexpected. Brad, my son, and I went to Panera for lunch. My dark roast was empty, so I went to the counter to ask the employee if a new carafe was … Continue reading

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Not Just a Dream

I had a vivid and silent dream one night. Completely silent. It was an image only, peaceful. It was more than a dream; it was an experience. A very real experience that carried over into wakefulness. In the dream, I … Continue reading

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Is It Jesus or Just Another Homeless Man?

Just like every other morning, I stopped by McDonalds for a large coffee–fresh–with five creams. This morning, the coffee was perfectly prepared and, just like every other morning, I drove to work talking (praying really) to Jesus. I climbed out … Continue reading

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Angels Are Listening

So, I went to a Level III Christian Healing Ministries prayer minister training session on Monday, August 8, at All Saints Healing Ministry in Winter Park, FL. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I’ve been viewing Levels I and II at … Continue reading

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