St. Augustine Prayer to Seek God Continually

I found this today while browsing the shelves of a bookstore that sells previously-owned books and movies. It’s absolutely perfect!

Who knew?

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A Shoot Shall Sprout from the Stump of Jesse

At my church, each Christmas we have a Jesse tree. Written on each ornament, is the stump_jesse21
name and wish of a person needing a gift. Parishioners take an ornament and return it with the requested gift.

I’ve always wondered about this name, Jesse Tree. I’ve read the “A shoot shall sprout from the stump…” scripture in Isaiah 11 and I understand the connection to Jesus but to me a stump is just a dead tree. Perhaps that tree’s seeds from prior seasons will grow but that specific tree is gone. Or so I thought. Continue reading

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You Will Eat the Fruit of Your Mouth

Before I begin work today, I want to share with you an oberservation I had last night. I was watching Christian television and a lady was discussing sin and its consequences. When we acknowledge our sin and ask for forgiveness, the LORD forgives us.

First, Baptism is such a wonderful gift. We are cleansed. As a Catholic, I go to Reconciliation. I do this about every three months because we ALL sin and some of our sins we don’t even know…or they happen before we can stop ourselves (anger at a slow driver, hurt feelsings at home or work, etc.) I certainly don’t go around trying to sin, if you know what I mean. In fact, I try to avoid it at all costs.

So this person on the television looked into the camera and I felt that this message was directly for me and she recited from memory a verse of Scripture from Proverbs 18: “you will eat the fruit of your mouth… ” I started thinking about my words and what they mean…about being genuine and representing God’s Word and love accurately. I pray I’ve done that and that I can do just that, especially with those who have deeply hurt me and my life. May He give us the grace to represent Him accurately ONLY and speak good things to grow ourselves and His kingdom here and now.


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Who is this that speaks with authority?

If you read today’s Gospel reading, or listened to it, then you were probably touched by Jesus’ healing of the man with an unclean spirit and the crowd’s amazement, “What is this? A new teaching with authority. He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him” (Mark 1:21-28). The blessing here is that now Jesus is resurrected and because of His love and self-sacrifice, His disciples–that’s us–now have authority, too.
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A Walk on the Beach


“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).

Mid-December was a special time for my family. My husband, son, and I traveled 600 miles away to attend my daughter’s college graduation ceremony. We celebrated her accomplishments thus far with family at a post-ceremony reception at a local beachfront resort. Continue reading

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On Being a Peacemaker

peaekaersimageI was re-reading the story of Israel and his two wives–sisters who competed to have more sons than the other–this morning. If I have this right, the sisters’ dad deceived Israel in order to marry off both daughters–Leah and Rachel–then the two wives sought to have more sons than the other.

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It Is a Name of Wonder

This morning started with a pretty cool experience. The Bible I left open on my sofa awaited. I took a second look at the story of the news of Samson’s birth in my New Jerusalem edition. “It is a name of wonder,” the angel answered Samson’s dad when asked his name. Continue reading

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